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tell me why we just beat elmhurst 51-21 and on the news they said "wayne was doing good, but the trojans can't be stopped!" come on. that pisses me off and i don't even know why. this is our one night of glory and they shot it down by showing the one good play elmhurst had. bastards.

hey, ray got 213 yards though!!! thats freaking awesome....so close to the record! so freaking close! and jodee did amazing oooohweeee. that game was just so cool. i can hardly talk. i felt bad for jordan, he couldn't play. and cory got hurt! but he's okay. i was scared. at the end of the first quarter it was 35-0! that's CRAZY!!! We had 1 fumble and 3 interceptions JUST at the first quarter. so hey you bitch news people, NOTHING CAN STOP WAYNE!!!!!!!  they poured the gatorade on coach getts....hahaha and he was pissed, that was good. and in like the last 2 minutes of the game we all went on the track and just started talking to the football players which is funny because the coaches usually go crazy even when they turn around. but they didn't even care. gosh, it was such a good night to win. it was such a good night just to get 51 points!

we got northrop next week. we beat them last year, but i'm doubting it this year....i still got some hope though. we really have improved a lot.

this time last year i was dating jordan. when we beat elmhurst last year everyone ran on the field (i fell!) and i hugged jordan and told him i fell and he picked me up, hugged me and said  it was okay. those were nice times.....

but yeah i just wanted to fill you in on the football game tonight because it was really good to see them win.
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