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there isn't much to talk about. we lost to the fuckin juniors in…

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there isn't much to talk about. we lost to the fuckin juniors in powder puff i'm sooo pissed off i'll be hearing about this for the rest of the damn year. i killed my back playing and i seriously think i might have really hurt it....and those juniors were some fat scary girls.

but WE BEAT SOUTH SIDE IN FOOTBALL!!!! first time in 9 years. that was so cool. i rubbed it in geoff and trevors face at church, that was great. the only time i'll ever be able to rub anything like that in their faces haha.

jordan is giving me the silent treatment because last friday at the game his annoying immature girlfriend sam sat behind me at the football game...i don't know why because the girl doesn't like me....and i asked brittany if she wanted to go to the bluffton street fair and sam looks at jamie and goes "THE BLUFFTON STREET FAIR AHAHAHAHA!!!!" like thats the dumbest idea ever...like the street fair isn't like 3 rivers or something...so i was telling jordan about it at school and jessica was like "i don't know why she was laughing at us, maybe we should be more like her and we can get drunk get pregnant and get an abortion!" LOL it was SOOOO FUNNY but jordan got so mad which i don't really care that he did and i don't know why he did because he cracks jokes about the abortion all the time and he came back to class with me and called jessica a bitch and stuff and i stood up for her and now for some reason he's mad at me and not talking to me but he's talking to jessica...whatever i don't care he will be over it in a day or 2 and if he's not then i don't care either because i have enough shit to deal with and him and his immature girlfriend are the least of my worries.

not to mention that homecoming court was rigged...the most random people are on court and it's because all of these random people counted the votes and i know they cheated because nobody even knows who half of these bitches are. im so pissed and i'm so tired of everything at wayne. i'm only there for 3 hours every day and that is too much for me....i can NOT wait to graduate.
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