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"Thats the waitress that gave Karl a beer (sees a cop at the next table) good thing he's 22!" -Cory

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Summer is over and school has started. I feel very indifferent about it. Don't really care if school starts or not....I can say with confidence that this was by far the worst summer I've ever had and needless to say, I'm ready to start a new year. But I went into school today and I was just thinking "shit I hate it here" and I swear I don't know a damn person in that school anymore and everyone is nasty or gross or white trash or ghetto and I can't stand it. BUT I'm only going half days and it's so weird and I felt like I was skipping school. Kristin, Kurt, Cory, Ray and I went to Pizza Hut after school. I have photography with Jordan and Nick. Jordan is pissing me off already! I'm the only person in 4th year photo so everyone is doing different stuff then me. Then I have pre-calc with LUSSENHOP! I swear that dude is too cool but I'm so scared of that class. It's going to be hard and we already had homework today. It's a bunch of juniors in there..but JARVIS IS IN THERE! Oh I'm so happy he's in there.
PLUS the seniors have their own hall for lockers and I'm excited about that too because I won't have to be around all those annoying underclassmen all the time. And my locker is right by Mr. Leitz's room so I can't wait to harass him all year.

I've had huge doubts about this year but I'm determined to make it a good one.
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DRAKE BELL!!!! i love his music!
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On August 22nd, 2007 10:46 pm (UTC), lauren_ashleyy commented:
I'm really happy you're determined to make this year a good one. I need to do the same and stop looking at the negatives.
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